Risto Kujanpää

Risto Kujanpää

Known from dj & production duo Kingfishers, Risto Kujanpää is one of the organizers behind Mervi Festival 2015 held this year in Ääniwalli.

Risto started djing when throwing underground parties with a soundsystem set up in abandoned factory buildings, beaches and tunnels of Helsinki. Eclectic record bag of his has besides Kaiku, Kuudes Linja, Flow and Turku Modern paid a visit to Dom Beat in St. Petersburg, Kultuurikatel in Tallinn and a sweaty UG allnighter in Berlin.

Fruits of studio work with analogue equipment are to be collected sooner or later. Lately he’s been more and more into techno, which might have to do with the strong aura of flatmate Emma Valtonen.

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