Auteur Jazz

Auteur Jazz

Auteur Jazz is a new project led by composer and multi-instrumentalist Antti Hynninen. The debut album “Aphorisms” combines cinematic sound scape with a refreshingly fresh take on danceflor jazz aesthetics.

Auteur Jazz is a Finnish jazz sextet that has performed since 2008. In addition to the band’s “auteur” Antti Hynninen, the musicians in Auteur Jazz are Joakim Berghäll (sax), Antti Kujanpää (piano), Eero Tikkanen (bass), Tatu Rönkkö (drums) ja Abdissa Assefa (percs). The group’s newest album “Cunning Album” was published in 2011 and it was nominated in the Album of the Year category in the latest Funky Awards.

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