Syrin Zero

Syrin Zero

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and also known as "Syrin", Adam has choreographed and performed in Ire Jam, Reggae Awards, and Syberite

Syrin Zero used to be a backup dancer/choreographer for the reggae pop artists, 77Klash, however now he
has turned to hosting party events, including 2008 'Dancehall Queen'. Adam currently teaches Dancehall in Manhattan and Harlem and keeps workshops worldwide.
Adam was the Assistant Choreographer for the Dancehall sequences in the movie, 'A Dance for Grace' and he was also one of the main dancers in the movie.
In 2011 Adam worked for Raw Fiya Productions with a week touring Jamaica in
2011. His Company DancerzBLVD Has Won A Reggae Award 4 Keeping DanceHall

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