Passionate funk vinyl collector, dj Elukka covers a wide landscape of grooves, from jazzy organ to slick 80's beats, with an odd oddity thrown in to keep things interesting.

Elukka is an old-timer of a dj, who started his career in the University of Art & Design parties back in the 80's playing new wave. Mid-80's New York scene, especially James White got the punk rock drummer excited of funk. Elukka stopped drumming and started organising clubs and warehouse parties and DJ'ing in most Helsinki venues from Vanha to Nylon, Cafe Nouveau and Victor's (all R.I.P.) through the 90's and early 00's. The funkiest of the clubs was Superbad, where residents Njassa, dj Teo and Elukka supported by Magic Sam made people sweat with black music from all decades.

Almost retired djk Elukka makes occasional gigs in interesting events. He is an active cj playing 80's new wave from cassettes, and never says no to the possibility to drop a funk set. Lately Elukka has been digging deeper in his shelf of black plastic, unearthing dirty, trippy, psychedelic and occasionaly cheesy funk tracks with one thing in common: they kick ass. 

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