Meissa Niang & Diambaar

Meissa Niang & Diambaar

Meissa Niang & Diambaar is founded by Senegalese vocalist and percussionist Meissa Niang. He is very well known musician in Senegal, residing now mostly in Finland or Senegal.

Musicians embraced in the group Diambaar are brought together to create positive vibes through African music. Diambaar means "heroes" is Wolof language and the group plays mostly songs from Meissa large reportory. Meissa Niang has been working with many musicians, including Baobab Orchestra, Hasse Walli, Afrocola, and others. He teaches modern and traditional African dances and also gives lessons on sabar and djembe drumming.

Meissa Niang vocals
Tommi Ranta bass guitar
Veikko Sutinen keyboards
Yirim Gueye sabar, tama
Arttu Muhonen drums
Jani Pietiläinen guitar
Macoumba "Jo" Ndiaye bougarabou, congas, calebasse
Gustav Store guitar

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