Blu Mar Ten

UK, BMTM, Hospital Records, Renegade Hardware

Blu Mar Ten

UK, BMTM, Hospital Records, Renegade Hardware

Few musical acts can lay claim to such dynamic and consistent evolution as Blu Mar Ten.

Formed in the big-bang of 90′s drum & bass and regular faces at Rage, Metalheadz, Speed & AWOL, Blu Mar Ten were rapidly spotted by LTJ Bukem and signed to Good Looking Records, cementing their position in the genre as originators of complex, atmospheric music.

They quickly grew and mutated beyond the confines of the jungle into lush experimentation with downtempo, ambient, house, breaks, techno & left-field for labels such as Naked Music, TCR, Guidance and Big Chill, with another two full albums of non-d&b material on Exceptional Records.

In 2005 Blu Mar Ten returned to the drum & bass scene releasing a string of tracks on heavy-hitting labels such as Hospital, Renegade Hardware, Shogun Audio, 31 Records, Tangent, Phuzion, Vibez & Basement.

2009 saw the establishment of their own Blu Mar Ten label with the release of the ‘Close’ and ‘Believe Me’ EPs and their long-awaited first full drum & bass album, ‘Natural History’.
The album delivered an incredibly wide range of drum & bass tracks from the deeply abstract to the unashamedly dancefloor, all bearing Blu Mar Ten’s trademark stamp of quality.
In 2010 Blu Mar Ten released an augmented version of the album, ‘Natural History: Revision’, featuring a collection of new remixes.

In 2011 Blu Mar Ten delivered their ‘Love is the Devil’ project, with singles ‘Five Summers’ / ‘Still the One’ and ‘Problem Child’ / ‘Sweet Little Supernova’ achieving mass support from DJs, radio, clubs and listeners alike.

The full ‘Love is the Devil’ album was released in November 2011 to wide-spread critical acclaim and chart success.

Believe Me

Made In London

Five Summers

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