Music People, Basso


Music People, Basso

I enjoy playing a wide selection of genres, anything from jazz, soul, funk to afrobeat, house and techno but I´m basically a house dj who loves playing proper bumping and jacking basement house music.

I started out dancing when I was 15 at house parties my brother promoted so I consider myself a house dancer. I then moved on to do light design and working as a light jockey at events/club venues multiple nights a week as an underaged club kid. At the time I was very priviledged to work alongside my favourite DJs/artists/producers who performed in Helsinki´s now-defunct clubs Kerma & Ihana.

Those days naturally developed my music taste so I started collecting records around 98 because I had feeling that I just needed to do that damn thing. Now 15 years have passed and I have the chance to play the music I love at venues/parties and people seem to really enjoy my discerning taste in music.

A happy face, a thumpin bass, for a lovin race.

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