Marcos Almeyda

Autogestión Project

Marcos Almeyda

Autogestión Project

Marcos Almeyda is an Argentinian dj based in Finland, a cultural promoter, and a core member of Autogestion Project collective.

He is one of the very first djs coming to the Helsinki scene with a set full of cumbia. He also has all the music coming from Latin America. When djing his sets go around cumbia, funk and roots but the music is a lot of more diverse, exploring a range of styles that covers the whole continent.

"The present is a complicated time in a complicated world. Economic crisis, super power armies, popular uprisings and MTV reality shows are taking over the world as we know it."

His dubious purpose of bringing together some songs and words of struggle, resistance and revolution leaves some consideration on your own. Nevertheless hips-shake is guaranteed.

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