Ekow (USA)

Ekow (USA)

Mumtaz Ekow Morris started playing the piano and singing when he was about 17 years, and since then he has been in love with the word of music.

Ekow (born as Mumtaz Ekow Morris on October 13, 1983) is a budding R&B artist hailing from Palmdale, CA. Ekow was born in Detroit, MI to mother Melody McCully and father Stevland Douglas Morris, also known as Stevie Wonder the legendary recording artist. His parents met because Melody was a backup vocalist for Stevie Wonder. Ekow moved to Ri Alto, CA as a young boy with his mother Melody. It was there where Melody met Jimmy Render II. Eventually the couple would marry and have Jimmy Render III and the family then moved to Palmdale, CA.

Ekow grew up in the music industry under his mother and father. Whether in the recording studio or witnessing live performances up close and personal, there is not much Ekow has not seen as he grew to know the music industry intimately. The older he got Ekow became athletically inclined and participated in football, basketball, and track. As an upperclassman in high school Ekow chose to step away from sports and get back to his musical roots.

After high school Ekow attended Norfolk State University in Virginia studying Business. During this time Ekow began to scratch the surface of his music career as he used his MySpace page to post his songs. After favourable feedback and growing popularity, Ekow chose to return to California to pursue the promising prospect of his music career.

Upon returning to California Ekow worked at his fathers radio station 102.3 KJLH. During this time with 102.3 Ekow was able to network with many other musical influences. Since leaving the radio station Ekow has been working on his upcoming album that will be released in the second quarter of 2010. Currently he has recorded with Snoop Dogg, producer/artist Detail, and grammy-winning super- producers Tim & Bob.

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