Mikko Mattlar

Mikko Mattlar

Mikko Mattlar co-hosts Iskelmäkesä with dj Timo Santala at mbar terrace. He is a co-host also of Iskelmäiltama at Radio Helsinki.

Mikko Mattlar is a Helsinki-based DJ and record collector with a wide taste of music. Mikko started djing in the mid 1990s in mainstream discos in central Finland, but moved to Helsinki and specialized in playing better music in the late 2000s. He's interested in the history of quality Finnish music from schlager to disco, beat to folkrock, jazz to rock'n'roll and so on. On radiowaves he has been hosting Iskelmäiltama, a radio program for old Finnish music, every Sunday 8pm to 10pm in Radio Helsinki since 2009.

Mikko is collecting and playing also funk, soul, disco, psych-folk, library music, Brazilian music and so on. It depends on the event which sounds you will hear.

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