A wreckless crew of rascals, Jätkäjätkät is currently working on a new album and promises to take you for a flight to different spheres in the pulsating heat of the summer night!

JätkäJätkät is a Helsinki Finland based group consisting of many talented and established musicians from a huge variety of musical backgrounds that include hip hop, reggae, pop, folk, soul, funk and even heavy metal. Their huge diversity gives JätkäJätkät unique and unheard of sound, which the band members themselves describe as "Gypsy Reggae Rap". JätkäJätkät lyrics are often socially and politically motivated, but as a balance the group has their easier songs that they describe as "tour bus travelling, getting drunk and having fun" -songs. JätkäJätkät feature a huge variety of instruments in their music, from horns and strings to sousaphone and mandolin. The members say they want to make the accordion a sexy instrument again, which pretty much describes the groups approach on making music, there are no limits and the listener is constantly surprised by their creativity.

Asa (rap)
Joska Josafat (guittar+buzuki+vocals)
Janne Siro alias Puppa J (guitar+vocals)
Rasmus Pailos (accordion+perc+vocals)
Erno Haukkala (trombone+flute)
Kim Rantala (keyboards+accordion+vocals)
Ville Väätäinen (drums)
Pekka Varmo (perc+rap)
Antti Kivimäki (bass)

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