Selja Sini

Selja Sini

Selja Sini (Felin) is a 21-year old singer/songwriter with a ukulele in hand. She's been making music for the past 5 years in the U.S. as well as Finland. Selja Sini's musical roots stem from a folk-, indie- and popmusic mix.

Selja Sini gets the best inspiration from relationships, future dreams and everyday moments of happiness. She wishes to offer joy and hope to adult as well as younger listeners through her music.

In fall 2011 Selja participated in two national music competitions: Eurovision's Competition for New Music (UMK) and Channel Four's The Voice of Finland. For the first time Selja's music is showcased to a large finnish audience and the response has been amazing. In UMK Selja placed in the Top 40 with her original song 'Pack Up.' In The Voice of Finland Selja placed in the Top 24, standing out with her soulful and positive interpretations.

Now Selja Sini is concentrating on writing her own music and other interesting projects, through which she can make a positive impact on a large audience.

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