Norah Jones & Janelle Monáe went to a Finnish sauna. This is how singer, songwriter, pianist and producer Anni Mattila describes her East Coast-meets-Scandinavia sound.

Anni aims to make complex things as simple as possible, creating a fresh and unique style of storytelling. As Berklee College of Music alumni and Bachelor of World Politics, Anni has her own sweet and nerdy approach to wonders of everyday life.

After her charming performance at Flow Festival, Anni is back with a new EP. Black Lotus is a sequel to her Water Lilies debut EP where the urban singer-songwriter broke through into the attention of the Finnish indie-music scene. The new EP presents a bolder, more uplifting Anni. Her Scandinavian soulfulness is supplemented by the US East Coast beat with a combination of the 60's grandness and modern electro.

Anni ramps up the vibes on her second EP and takes her water lily symbolics to the next level. "The color black is combined with positive chaos – disorder, which is an inevitable part of change and life itself. The Black Lotus is a symbol of sensitivity of tuning in into yourself – alongside courage to execute the ideology in your everyday life"

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