Sellekhanks originally started in 2008 as a duo project, but is now mainly run by the multimedia ninja Tommi Mustaniemi. In addition to various graphic design and new media works, Sellekhanks has produced vj mixes and music videos for multiple finnish artists.

Fame and recognition has come regularly as Sellekhanks won the Getty Images Mishmash Video/Music/Remix competition in 2010, got shortlisted in 2011 and became the regional winner in 2012. In addition to producing top notch video remixes Sellekhanks has done vjing work for some huge clubs like Round in Lahti, Hump Day in Helsinki and the Renegade Electrostage at Provinssirock in 2012 to mention a few. Currently Sellekhanks is working closely and touring with some top finnish acts like Renegade, Euro Crack, Evil Stöö and Oscar.

Sellekhanks is known for glitch-esque visual experimentation with a strong lean on ghetto aesthetics. When mixing live, Sellekhanks is able to create layered worlds by utilizing multiple feeds and seamlessly blend them to transform the current physical environment to a whole new state of consciousness to enhance the whole audio-visual experience.

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