Gimme The Dance


Gimme The Dance

I got into playing records in 1999. Back then I was heavily into bboying and needless to say, it was all about hiphop, breaks, boogie funk, electro and house.

Now that I think of it, things haven't changed much since. I still go through crates on a regular basis in the hope of finding those rare 80's boogie funk records to complement my collection.

Being well familiar and influenced by hiphop culture and the electronic boogie funk from the 80's, it is not a surprise that nowadays I find myself searching for fresh, warping and wonky Modern Funk beats for people to dance to. Still, I find it important that people respect the original sound. It seems making music is most often a cumulative process and majority of the contemporary stuff is all about standing on the shoulders of giants.

Together with Jacedonia we form a DJ duo called Gimme The Dance and with our mixes and events we provide you a passage from the ever-so-fresh past to the future of funk. Check us out on Soundcloud!

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