Maria Soini

Maria Soini

Coming from a family of musicians Maria Soini was immersed in music since early childhood.

Throughout her school years she studied classical music playing the piano and the clarinet and sang in different compositions. Alongside classical Maria was also exposed to, and grew to love, various dance and popular music including italo disco, house and synth pop. These sounds ultimately gave a new direction for her musical aspirations.

Through I-f's Cybernetic Broadcasting System and The X-Rust Organization, an electronic music organization from her native Turku, Maria got acquainted with the sound of local djs and producers in Finland and the Netherlands, where she lived for 3 years. Fascinated by the electronic sounds surrounding her, in 2006 Maria started buying records and soon bought a pair of Technics and a mixer making her djing debut at Konemetsä Festival 2007.

Maria's djng style is mostly very melodic and often includes vocals, which she has a great love for. Styles you can hear her play include italo disco, electro and synth pop as well as some acid, techno and house sounds. She pays a lot of attention to harmony and is a freak for long smooth mixes blending individual tracks with each other. Moreover, Maria likes to combine different genres moving between styles and moods.

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