Deep house fanboy, techno connoisseur, disco nerd and balearic adventurer Barfunkel has a long history both as a DJ and as a producer.

He has been DJing and collecting vinyl for many years, as well as twisting the knobs of dusty old analogue synths and drum machines. One thing in common with all of his music-related endeavours, is the constant search for quality, both sonically and musically.

He has recently directed his interest from producing techno tracks to developing his already solid DJ abilities. Leaving the synthesizers alone for a while, it's time for some serious crate digging!

As a recurring character at Good 'n' Nasty, he is known for his selective approach towards DJing and versatile picks from Phil Collins to Carl Craig. In his sets one might hear musical techno vibes, minimalism and earnestness. It all comes together with fanboy enthusiasm. 100% vinyl.

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