Antti Rasi

Antti Rasi

I started playing records at the tender age of I-don’t-remeber and after that I’ve been collecting records, mp3s, headphones and whatever djs need to get the job done.

I’ve also spent enough time behind the decks to be comfortable on saying that I’m one of the most skillful techno & house djs in Finland no matter how egoistic that might sound. If you don’t believe me, listen to a mix, come to my gig or spend the rest of your life thinking I’m a liar.

I guess my past in the psychedelic trance left some kind of an urge to find some bigger experiences for the dancefloor than the latest hits. I hope it makes me special. In a good way for once. And don’t get me wrong, I love playing in all kinds of parties from small bars to big one-off venues but I’m always after that same collective hypnosis thing on the dancefloor and as far as I’m concerned, dj is a part of a dancefloor as well, not some kind of god-like figure who should be making coolest ever poses every single time that the track drops the kick and bass off.


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