Viitasen Piia

Viitasen Piia

A while ago during one particular fall, Viitasen Piia went to Nepal and bought a guitar named Veenus. During the nighttime, Kathmandu had limited or no electricity so she climbed the rooftop of the house and learned the guitar to play some songs. When the songs started to pile up she also wanted to start to perform them and later on formed a band around them.

Since 2009 Viitasen Piia has performed as a solo act, a duo and as a quartet. During the spring of 2012 the band released a cassette-tape full of travel songs and went on to release their debut album in November later that year.

Their music relies heavily on storytelling with finnish lyrics to convey unique feelings and moods to take the listener away to another place in another time.


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