Taikatulet is a three man performance group, which manages to combine vibrant dancing, skillfull juggling and elaborate fire displays in their shows.

Taikatulet, later renamed to Trio Taika, is a fire show group from Helsinki, which started up in 2005. The founders of the group are experienced pyro technicians Jutta Aalto, Janika Hämäläinen and Laura Koskinen. At the moment Taikatulet are also collaborating with accomplished circus performer Kamil Derlegan, pyro technician Teemu Myllykangas and fire dancer Heli Rank.

The Taikatulet performers have been studying fire art for over 10 years now, both independently and at annual juggling conferences in the European Juggling Convention. Fire art is a form of juggling in, which theatre and dance can be incorporated through creative means, and it is for these elaborate theatrical fire shows that Taikatulet are known for.

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