Tes La Rok & Rauhamama feat Boris Nordin

image by Sami Mannerheimo

Tes La Rok & Rauhamama feat Boris Nordin

Tes La Rok, a pioneer of Finnish dubstep, and vocalist RauhaMama a.k.a. Rauhatäti have begun their collaboration only recently. The result is a deep bass soundscape born at the roots of dub, grime, reggae and rap, deepened with Rauhatäti’s lyrics.

Born and raised in Sodankylä, Rauhatäti found her way into the Finnish rap scene around 2007 and has since made guest appearances in the productions of Jätkäjätkät, Jodarok, Juno and Giant Räbät to name a few. She is currently preparing a solo album produced by Tes La Rok.

The Helsinki-based Tes La Rok is known in Finland as well as abroad as an innovative dubstep producer, whose dark bass-oriented sound can be enjoyed at numerous gigs and on several releases across the world. He has collaborated with several well-known vocalists and producers and hosts a show called Tes La Rok & Desto on Bassoradio. Tes La Rok is also known as the leading figure of the Finnish record company Noppa Records.

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