Kata Samula Band

Kata Samula Band

Singer-Songwriter Katariina Samula combines her classical piano training with jazz, folk-rock and rnb. Combined with her band members they form the intriguing Kata Samula Band.

Katariina Samula was born on a tuesday in July to a musical family in the countryside of Finland. Back then and there, music was an obvious part of everyday life. At home she could hear and play the guitar, the piano, an accordion, an organ and listen to gypsy bands, evergreen hits and even some gospel music. Singing in the choir, music studies, singing in bands were all something she thrived for. But growing up supposedly required a "real" profession which really didn't guarantee happiness and fulfilment so the passion for singing and music remained. Katariina has been active for the last 15 years as a musician between her studies and profession as a recording engineer.

Katariina composes her songs on the piano. Mostly her lyrics and melodies entwine together in tandem sometimes being idle, sometimes under pressure. Her songs tell the stories of bliss and irony, dreams and frustrations, holding grudges and forgiveness. The melodies draw from her classical training and her love of varied styles of pop music. She likes to play with the basic elements of the tracks, sometimes with rhythm, sometimes with longing melodies and lyrics.

Kata Samula Band was formed in 2012. The band includes Jukka Haavisto on bass, Markku Heikkilä on drums, Antti Nurminen on guitar and Janne Levy on keyboards. The first three met Katariina during their music studies and Janne albeit having studies in a different school knew the rest of the band through musical connections. Originally compositions for piano and song have grown into full band pieces during the past year and are working on their debut EP as a band early 2013.

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