Original Helsinki-based Morroccan vocalist/producer/songwriter Hosni has been mixing it up on all fronts for 20 years. After doing his thing in Morocco for a while, hosting underground parties, he moved to London in the 1980s. In 1986, he worked with Gee Street Records and attracted accolades for his style of Arabic hiphop from the likes of the Stereo MCs. In the years between then and now, he’s wreaked havoc in Finland, France and Switzerland, in addition to regular forays into the rain-slicked and shiny nightlife of London.

In addition to touring, Hosni has appeared at internationally prestigious festivals like Roskilde and opened for bands Asian Dub Foundation, Cheb Khaled, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins... In every country he has landed, he’s managed to work with some of the most interesting and forward-thinking artists. In Switzerland, Hosni hooked up with producer Mike Liberta, in France with DJ Moomoo. England saw him collaborating with the 7 MCs. In Finland, his roster of partners-in-hipcrime has included Giant Robot, The Cool Sheiks, Fat Beat Sound System, Montana Roja Rhythm Section (Nuspirit Helsinki), Brothom States (Warp Records), Beats & Styles, Transparents, Queens of Sheba, Riddim Riders, Whatnots... He’s also MCd with a lot of the DJs passing through Helsinki, like Alex Patterson of The Orb, as well as the top DJs in Helsinki like Anna S & Kasio, Borzin, etc.

Currently, in addition to Giant Robot, Beats & Styles and Fat Beat, Hosni works on the Arabic r&b/reggae/hiphop fusion of Abdul’s Band, making one world out of many with the power of crazy science.

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