Fredrik Lavik

Fredrik Lavik

From Stavanger Norway comes Fredrik Lavik, a rare groove junkie of the third order, collecting vinyl records and DJ’ing in clubs around Norway for over a decade. He’s been spotted abroad numerous times on specialist radio shows and been selling records to collectors since early 2000. When he’s not playing music he’s a freelance graphic designer and runs his little bedroom label called Jazzaggression records.

It all started back in the day when he got aware of his mothers record collection, a goldmine of jazz from labels like black jazz, verve, ecm and CTI. It all really evolved from there .. Since then Fredrik’s been spotted early mornings on flea markets, car boot sales and thrift stores looking for that extra old gritty groove that keeps him happy, whether it’s jazz, funk, soul, easy listening or whatever keep his head noddin’.

Fredrik’s been DJ’ing regularly in the biggest cities of Norway since early 2000. He’s been a regular at Agora in Bergen, Nomaden in Oso and Cementen in Stavanger. From 2008 to 2010 he and two friends ran their own club concept in Stavanger under the name Jazzpalass a distinct iniative with live jazz music, food visuals and DJ’s. Check for more information.

In late 2010 Fredrik bought a large collection consisting of 25.000 East African 45’s from a defunct distributor out of Mombasa, Kenya. Since then he’s been busy cleaning, playing and sorting old African 45’s. To keep track of it all he’s set up a blog called that regularly feature standout singles from this massive collection.

Fredrik and his family moved to Siuntio, Finland in 2012.

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