First it was all about turntablism DJ-techniques, but the scratching alone was not enough for the itch.

The cure for the itch was discovered back in 1999 and Makero was immediately injected with a Drum & Bass shot. The injection was a lifesaver for him that launched a vast musical journey through time. Makero is still collecting records, experimenting with sounds and transmitting frequencies from the underground, western Finland, Seinäjoki. Recently, he has compiled a series of old school Drum & Bass mixtapes, where each one contains different stories and feelings to explore and rediscover.

In 2011, Makero was one of the winners of the Helsinki Jungle Mafia - New Talentz Drum & Bass DJ-competition. Makero has also been a regular DJ at the Culture Club Still Standing in Seinäjoki, since 2009.

The record cases are always full, ready for action and packed with Drum & Bass, breaks, beats and smooth grooves

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