Maria Gasolina

Maria Gasolina

Maria Gasolina is a Helsinki Finland based band that mainly performs its own peculiar Finnish versions of music from all over the world.

Maria Gasolina was formed in 2001, when a group of old school friends and neighbours got together to play Finnish versions of 70s Brazilian pop music in the changing room of a sauna. From there the band has come a long way, playing most of the major clubs and festivals in Finland but also doing their own thing, creating a carnival at the local outdoor swimming pool in the heat of summer or outside by the frozen sea on a New Year's Eve.

Although the project started off from the love of Brazilian music and the will to introduce it to the Finnish audience, the group has since covered songs from lots of other coutries, from Iran to Haiti to Madagascar. The music is translated into Finnish keeping loyal to the original lyrics, and performed in a groovy, dance-inviting combination of mpb, afrobeat, ska and humppa. The band's unique sound has become known and loved in Finland and also abroad, appearing for example in major newpapers and magazines in Brazil.

Maria Gasolina's debut album ”Se jokin” was released in 2006, and subsequently the group's own label Gasolina Records has released two more albums – ”Mä olen sun” in 2008 and ”Aina uusi aalto” in 2010 – plus an audio cassette ”Kesäkassu” (”Summer cassette”) in 2009 and a 10 year anniversary collection on vinyl in 2011. The newest release is the hot 7” vinyl ”Dooyo/Lemmenjuoni”, that was released in November 2013.

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