Marcia Lisboa (BRA)

Marcia Lisboa (BRA)

Marcia Lisboa is a singer-songwriter from the birth place of bossa nova: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Marcia Lisboa is coming to Europe to perform in July 2013. During the years 2011–2012 she has performed in various international festivals and her shows have been successes, adored by both the public and the press. Her repertoire includes bossa nova and samba
classics mixed with Afro-Brazilian rhythmic influences and spiced up with jazz harmonies.

Marcia's debut album “Nós e o Rio” has received a warm welcoming around the world. This time around, at the Sabor Club, you can already hear treats from her up-coming new album.

Marcia Lisboa's touring band includes musicians from Rio de Janeiro and Finland. The repertoire is suitable for music lovers of all ages. Bossa nova and samba soothe the mind and the soul. There are also examples of Brazilian folk music and rich variations of Afro-Brazilian rhythmic stories to fascinate and seduce the audience of fine taste.

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