Big Bud

UK, SOUNdTRAX, Good Looking, Creative Source

Big Bud

UK, SOUNdTRAX, Good Looking, Creative Source

Big Bud, producer, DJ and label boss. Since his first release in 1994 he has been writing, producing and releasing music for labels including Creative Source, Good Looking Records, Nuphonic, Moving Shadow, ParadoxMusic, Vibez, Basswerk.

For the last 10 years he has been running his own label, SOUNdTRAX. In a career of 20 years he has released countless singles and 8 albums.From his first release to the latest he has consistently produced soulful and emotional dance music to critical acclaim.

The Big Bud sound has been influenced by over 30 years of listening to Jazz, Funk, Soul and Reggae. From attending jazz funk all-dayers back in the eighties thru the big raves of the early nineties up to todays Drum & Bass clubs he has always been a lover of quality, soulful music. It was after hearing the emergence of tracks with breakbeats that he decided to get involved in producing.

After finishing his first tunes he took them up to seminal Drum & Bass club, Speed, and gave them to Fabio. The result was a 3 year stint with Creative Source, releasing a handful of singles. The next stop was Good Looking Records where he spent 5 years producing a steady stream of drum and bass and downtempo cuts. After parting company with them he had to endure a two year period of isolation due to contractual problems. These two years were spent in the studio, stockpiling tracks ready for release when the time was right.

Disillusioned with dealing with other labels he decided to focus on releasing exclusively on his own label, SOUNdTRAX. Coming up to the landmark 50th release this year, the label has introduced many artistes to the scene. The back catalogue lists names of many established producers like Spectrasoul / Noisia / Future Prophecies / Zero T / Beta 2 / Furney / Klute / Blame / Electrosoul System / Mutt / Greg Packer / Suv. In the last few years the label has focused on bringing through new talent from all over the World, including Derrick + Tonika / Roy Green + Protone / LJ.High / Ed Oberon / Flaco / dRamatic+ dbAudio / Blade+Soultec / Submatic / Cutworks / Stunna + DFunk.

BIG BUD has had a regular radio show on BASSDRIVE for around 5 years now and at the moment is just putting the final touches to his 8th solo album which should see a release around October 2012.

As a DJ, BIG BUD is constantly touring the World and has so performed in 30 different countries, spreading the love and the SOUNdTRAX vibe and representing the music that he has spent almost 20 years being involved with.

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