Topi Saha

Topi Saha

Topi is a next generation singer-songwriter. His debut album Verta ja lihaa, released in 2010, was praised by critics and chosen as one of the records of the year by Helsingin Sanomat.

Topi himself describes his music as stripped and minimalistic. The songs do follow tradition but they all have a fresh and exciting take on things. In the songs he observes the world as a bystander and have been inspired by people, movies, books not to forget other songs. The stories behind the lyrics are a mixture of his own life, some folklore and even ancient hymns. His sound inspirations are his idols like Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, J. Karjalainen and Joose Keskitalo. Topi has produced his new album Kolme veljee in cooperation with Tony Fredlund, and the first single of the album is called Se joka karkuun pääs.

"Se joka karkuun pääs is an easy folk song where the story follows the perennial topic of what should have been done differently. All protagonists, happy or unhappy have a lost moment or a person to long for. And most of the time the fantasy is way prettier than reality. So wallowing in your own longing can be kinda cool too – at least in small doses," says this quirky 24-year-old man with the voice of a 42-year-old.

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