Christian Dagobah

Christian Dagobah

Building on over a decade of involvement with electronic music and techno, traversing the boundaries and limits of ambient, dub, techno and modern bass music while always travelling, performing, studying, Christian has been on a mission to find ever more pristine sounds and abstract soundscapes.

On the edge of popular culture digging ever deeper for the hisses, beats and metamorphoses that create what we percieve as music. His prefered territory is shimmering dub-laced ambient techno with analogue undertones that gradually slip into what most percieve as deeper dub-step and organic breaks. The essence is in the surprise and the suspense of not cementing but one path but keeping the possibilities open for change, as in life.

As the horizon shifts, changes and subcultures evolve and merge, one thing stays a constant: quality. That is the common factor that he chooses to represent and in the refining of the art of sound and to do that with timeless music. Music that will create new dimensions, new moods and new cultures. Music that will transcend. Uncompromising, undefined and moving. Respect to all of the originators.

Jamaica-Detroit-Berlin-Tokyo-Helsinki CumulusLog 3213

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