Kaiu is one of Finland's original tech house grand popes. Since the late 90's he's been spinning crossover cuts ranging from dub via deep blue electro sounds to unorthodox techno grooves. Originally hailing from the HYTKY techno organization, where he spent several years as a publicist, Kaiu has made his footprint in the finnish underground and club scene hard to miss.

In 2001 Kaiu and his accomplices Bobby Speed and Sakura formed Local Underground, a DJ crew aiming to provide their fans with something fresh and surprising on every occasion, while still maintaining their signature sound of fat basslines, tricky percussions and appropriately melancholic synth sequences.

Kaiu is also increasingly known by his productions behind such monikers as Kaiut (techno and related), Poppamen (the infamous crossover synth disco insignia with Kuti 77) and L.A. Thunder party remixes as well as being a founding member of the Lapanotko studio collective and Seurakunta live orchestra.


Club series hosted by Kaiu

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