Heavily disoriented synthethizers, basslines and beats, not unlike in shoegaze, trip hop or techno combined create the atmosphere of Fotoshop.

Fotoshop released its' first tracks on myspace on spring 2009, Accidents EP in 2010, and its' debut album Lifeforms in November 2011.

Led by blogsphere singles "Too Little, Too Late", "Speed vs. Distance" and "Becoming Zen", Lifeforms gained top reviews, critical acclaim and was noted in many indie media as one of the best albums of 2011.

Through sound and music, Fotoshop paints a unique yet nostalgic picture, often compared to Mew, Slowdive, M83, Washed Out, Sigur Ros, among other dreamwave, electro pop, shoegaze, indie and chillwave groups.

Mostly everything, from composing, instruments, vocals, programming, mixing, mastering to graphics and some videos is made by Jarno-Erik at his home studio (a macbook and, well, not much more).


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