Ghosteq, also known as Soltec/Solartec is a dj and producer originally from Helsinki, but been living on and off his life in Bay Area California playing around the sunshine state.

Ghosteq has also wandered to Mexico's and Guatemala's party scenes a few years ago, where he got to play in various mountain and beach parties. He frequently visits Helsinki and in addition to delivering solid sets at various parties, he has appeared in Basso's radio shows like Alas and Back 2 Mad.

Ghosteq plays various styles of electronic music and is known to blend organic music and sounds into his sets. Lately he's been into intimate downtempo music with a flavour of haunting vibes. Sets can easily evolve to housier and dancefloory vibes, while always retaining a touch to soul and dark and light atmospheres that resonates with his music. Sounds presented by this man will surely make you travel deeper into your consciousness while still making your body move and groove.

Ghosteq is going to be featured on an forthcoming compilation release on an California-based record label called Brickwood Records. The tune was done in collaboration with Pinewoods (Vishnudata) called C-push.

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