Kadi Quartet

Kadi Quartet

Kadi Quartet is a modern finnish jazz quartet created by a vocalist Kadi Vija. Quartet's music has taken influences from different music styles.

Kadi Quartet's leader Kadi Vija is a student of Sibelius Academy jazz department. She considers herself as one of the instrumentalists among others band members and in her solos she tests her boundaries harmonically, melodically and rhythmically. The quartets pianist Mikael Myrskog, also a student of Sibelius Academy jazz department, is strongly individual, experimental and playful soloist. Because of the long history of playing together, the basist Pasi Toivanen and the drummer Tomi Saikkonen guarantee the strong foundation, where it's easy to built strong grooves, wistful harmonic colors and everything between them, but first of all always its own sound of Kadi Quartet.

In Summer 2012 Kadi's enchanting voice and quartets energetic performance made a big impression, so the band was invited to record a studio track for a national finnish radio show called Jatsofrenia, which introduces young promising jazz talents to the large audience. Kadi Quartet has also perform in such famous jazz festivals as Pori Jazz, Jazz Espa and Winter Jazz (Estonia).

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