Peace Star Azonto

Peace Star Azonto

Peace Star Azonto (PSA) is an upcoming Azonto dance crew in Helsinki. They are focused on developing Azonto movement in Finland and sharing the genuine knowledge of the dance. The group has currently 5 members: The founder of the crew- Nana (Ghana), Kwame (Ghana), Laura (Estonia), Darling Shockers (Ghana) and Manaf (Ghana).

The crew got together when Nana and Kwame started teaching at Nordic Moves dance school. Nana got his nickname "Azonto" from his friend who saw his talent at the club. Laura was into Azonto dance already when they met at the dance classes and she started to help them to promote the dance. She has also been to UK to practice with Azonto dancers over there. When Azonto came out Darling Shockers was a high school student in Ghana and the Azonto vibes took over him, making him the freshest dancer in his school. After living in Finland for some time he met Nana, who saw that the kid got talent and took him to the PSA crew. The newest member of the crew is a Ghanian dancer Manaf.


Azonto Dance is a form of dance which mainly involves movement of all the joints in your body in a rhythmic fashion taking very few steps. Just like most African dances, knee bending and hip movements are rudiments to dancing it. Movement in the dance include washing, driving, boxing, making-up et cetera . The dance evolved from the combination of a lot of local dance moves that originated from the southern-most part of Ghana during the early parts of the 2000s. The dance has evolved with the fast pace dance culture of modern West Africa. A closer observation of the various performers also reveals break dance moves being incorporated to it and the skinny jeans/tight shirts movement being adapted to it.
It is also true that before the dance became famous, youth in senior high schools, of Ghana, had a similar but different way of doing the dance. A modification of that is what we see today. It involved a similar movement of the feet, hands, and hips and at the end of every move a gun shot was mimicked with the hand and if possible the mouth.

They first big performance they had was in June 2013 at Helsinki Dance Delight a recognized street dance contest, being the first Azonto group to take part in the competition. Since then they have been performing at mbar Afro Sundays, wedding parties and private gatherings.They have been giving workshops through out the summer and will be running their regular classes in Helsinki from September.

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