Skip Zone

Skip Zone

Skip Zone is an independent six-piece folk/ inspired band from Helsinki. They started out as a group of friends playing Neil Young together and found their own way after the singer-guitarist Pyry Suomala wrote fourteen songs in February 2011.

Their self-titled debut was released in August 2012 . noted the album as the second best of the year on it’s best of 2012 list. In March 2013 they released their second release, an acoustic studio live EP ”Black Country”.

Skip Zone is all about friendship and togetherness, love for the atmosphere of 60’s and 70’s music, bands like Grateful Dead and The Band, strong melodies, delicate vocal harmonies, laid-back attitude and traditional touch freshened up with recognizable keyboards and synthesizers. Their optimistic views are always there even if the sound might feel melancholic. The lyrics often draw pictures of dusty old memories, lovers choosing different directions, dreams of leaving things behind and the road burning on ahead.

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