Eero Johannes

Eero Johannes

Eero Johannes is producing his new album, that has been expected to be released for a nice while now. And no doubt, it's worth of waiting for. Check out some previews on sunday at Mässy Marathon.

Graphic designer, illustrator and musician Eero Johannes (born 1986) does illustrations by day and music by night. The musician, whose graphic design studies are on hold at least for now, calls his electronic music “laboratory-produced funk”. His biggest influences are 1970s and ‘80s boogie and funk. “Those get me excited every time,” he stresses.

Retro influences can also be found in his futuristic and geometric illustrations. The game-like style is familiar to many from album covers and club posters.

Johannes’ dearest work project has been his “Chinese conquest”, the Sounds Like Suomi 09 tour that travelled around China in 2009 taking Finnish electronic music to local clubs and festivals.

Electronic music, especially spinning records, and graphic design seem to be, for whatever reason, a near-classic combination. “It’s an interesting trait,” Johannes laughs. “Both are about combining different elements and pieces. Choosing typography and illustrations for a poster is kind of similar to piecing together drum sounds and beats and throwing in some samples. It’s about building a larger whole from somewhat pre-made elements.”

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