Rubik dj's

Rubik dj's

One of the most prominent finnish indie bands Rubiks guys will do a special dj-set on last Pitkä Kuuma Kesä of 2013!

Rubik is a Finnish indie pop/rock band known for its unique style of rich sound, complex but well-contained arrangements, changing rhythms and melodies ranging from playful and danceable to wistful and delicate.

The band started to emerge in the late '90s in the eastern Finnish town of Kuopio where the drummer Sampa Väätäinen and the singer Artturi Taira began playing together joined later by the keyboardist/guitarist Samuli Pöyhönen. They became Rubik in 2003 when they played their first live show. The band released their debut EP People Go Missing in 2004 through New Music Community, causing a stir in the indie scene.

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