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Myth syzer, based out of Paris, France is a producer influenced by the meaning of life. As time passes, he gets deeply involved in his music one drop at a time. Touched by different musical genre’s, he always tries to get the diamond in the rough. Like a mad scientists, Myth compiles different layers of sounds with beautiful melodies and tones. He will drop in vocal samples that refine the entire element to his sound.

His first EP FUH, is some of his rawest material to date. FUH was released in June of 2011, and was an invigorating start to his career. Myth Syzer took only one month to come out with his first LP “Fleep” out on Bunker Sound, which features L Rey, a good friend and producer from the Paris hip hop scene.

After the release of his debut full length, Myth Syzer’s world opened to many opportunities. He realized a whole new world was opening up for him, so he became more withdrawn and wanted to work with a handful of people he felt were the right fit.

After releasing a free hip hop EP “Ilha” followed by Part.2 in May of 2012, he began to gain exposure in producing strong hip hop tracks. He started sending some of his early material, along with some new beats he had been working on to a young rapper from New York, by the name of Perrion. They began working on a full length project together, which would eventually turn into a project called “From Paris With Love”.

In February of 2012, “From Paris With Love” sees the light, thanks to Poyz and Pirlz. This album shows the rap side of the artist with features such as Jae millzand Asap ferg who turned Myth Syzer into one of the most sought after international producers out there.

Still hanging with his “Bon Gamin” crew in Paris, that consists of rappers, painters and masterminds. Myth Syzer decided to release an EP to his fans and supporters, entitled Alone. This EP is about sex and happiness meeting loneliness and depression. Alone is also a way to conciliate himself and others with his staple 808 sound.

The latest release is also the most refined work. PUR was independently released on CD in June of 2012.

Myth Syzer is now set to release his debut EP on Plug Research Music entitled Hyt. This is a uniquely produced instrumental outlook, and is beautifully structured in composition for music fans of all genres.

Myth Syzer has a real bright future ahead of him, and will release his full length album on Plug Research Music in 2013.

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