Etan is a bass music producer and dj from Tampere. Sound relys on big sub bass and interesting rhythms not forgetting the ambience and melodic material. Following the footsteps of the old school dubstep producers and developing the sound to new directions.

Life with music began around 10 years of age. First band was founded few years later and since then all murky rehearsal rooms began to feel like home. It has been rocking with bands, travelling with an acoustic guitar and playing in a backroom of a party for those who want to listen. And now, all that feeling is done into music so that can be played through massive soundsystems with a bass that you can feel.

Past few years have gone by playing audio/visual shows under the name of Panda&Etana alongside with great producers such as Alexalfons and LAS. There is also been backing up for C-star and Aqustiikka in Arcticpeople's parties in Helsinki, and some UG venues around Finland.

Etan is currently working on his new unpublished tunes so the only way to hear his works for now is by coming to the shows.

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