Anna & Miki

Anna & Miki

Sometimes two minds just think alike. When Anna and Miki first started talking, they instantly knew they were somehow connected. Miki had composed a few songs with the acoustic guitar, and when he played them to Anna she immediately felt like singing to them. In the beginning of 2012 they completed their very first songs together.

Their first live gig was on May 23 at the club Dubrovnik in Helsinki. The audience was amazed by the magical tunes they had created together. During the following summer, Anna & Miki played several shows together and recorded a 3-track live demo; "Summer sessions", in July 2012.

In August Anna & Miki spent five weeks traveling in Nepal, collecting inspiration and stories for new songs. They came home with a lot of new material, and early October they started working on the recording of their first album!

The debut album "Anna & Miki" was released on May 11 2013. The album release concert took place at Arabiasali in Helsinki where Anna & Miki performed with full band for the first time. The songs on the album grew to include the bass guitar, percussions, keyboards and backing vocals and of course Anna & Miki on lead vocals and guitar. So they tour both as a duo and as a 5 person outfit.

The future brings a lot of gigging, songwriting, traveling and recording for Anna & Miki. Summer 2013 passed by playing shows and visiting Europe. The duo played their first European show in Berlin in July 2013! They have accumulated enough material for a second album and are currently planning the recording sessions. Both Anna & Miki are dreaming of a longer trip around Asia, with backpacks and a guitar with them their hearts leading the way.

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