Randy Barracuda

Randy Barracuda

Randy Barracuda is one half of Finnish electro duo Imatran Voima. He also has a psychedelic post-rock electroblues project called Itäväylä. Chairman of Harmönia is known as the early originators of the increasingly popular skweee phenomenom. Bring your demos to the show and get your releases out from the leading label in the business. And don’t forget to buy the beer to luben up the jury’s decision.

Finnish producer Perttu Eino Häkkinen may be the Jimi Hendrix of nomenclature cheek. As Randy Barracuda—which sounds like a character left out of Boogie Nights—he has fired off such choice cuts as “Rick James Is Dead,” the curiously naughty sounding “Skweee Like a Pig”—“skweee” being the genre tag given Barracuda’s and other Scandinavian producers’ brand of R&B-ish breakbeats—and the dizzying “Ketamine Strut.”

Better still is how this verbal playfulness telegraphs his music’s puckish hybridization. Never merely lock-step techno or ambient electro, never settling for mining disco beats for a retro sheen or chasing synth sounds to give his tracks a futuristic patina, Barracuda’s tracks have actual hooks and hummable melodies, but he pockets them inside production work as artfully awkward and sophisticated as it is pop satisfying. And on his recent, four-track On the Low 12-inch, Barracuda seamlessly pairs his beat chemistry and verbal panache in “Streisand Effect,” a stretch of lovely sonic bliss.

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