Antisankari (engl. Anti-Hero) is a 24-years-old hip-hop producer/rapper hailing from Helsinki. Originally from Pietarsaari, a small town in west coast of Finland, Antisankari belongs to the Wddupdoe producer collective and is also a founding member of the Dusty Waves label.

His genre of music varies from straightforward hip-hop to experimental electro and his biggest influences are indeed in the definitive masters of the aforementioned genres: Flying Lotus, Knxwledge and J Dilla.

Antisankari has over ten years of working on beats under his belt and he says that he gets inspiration from the surrounding environment. “I work on music on spontaneously.. I might get inspired on witnessing someone smoking a cigarette on a tram stop and feeling that it looks cool, my music is conceptions that I want to commemorate.” We’re looking forward to hearing Antisankari taking over the decks at mbar!


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