Grupo Legal

Grupo Legal

Grupo Legal is a group of samba enthusiasts playing brasilian samba and pagode.

Grupo Legal specializes in the pagode subgenre of samba - exactly the stuff the people of Rio rely on when they want to have a night of fun, dancing, singing and chilling out. The group performs compositions from such artists as Zeca Pagodinho and Fundo de Quintal and spices up the mixture with other styles. If you want to feel like being in the middle of a party at Arcos da Lapa, this is as close as you can get without booking airplane tickets.

Anders Perander - cavaquinho, voc
Lauri Tanner - kitara, voc
Kari Winqvist - pandeiro, voc
Markus Jaatinen - repique de mão, voc
Elina Mitrunen - ganzá, voc
Kaj Askolin - banjocavaquinho, voc
Jussi Hynninen - tantá, voc

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