Tripple 2

Tripple 2

Twin brothers Chris and Akrong form the rap duo Tripple 2, hailing from Ghana and currently residing in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Tripple 2 has warmed up the stage already for American superstars such as Lil Jon, Mario, Flo Rida and Wu-Tang Clan. In Finland, they recently made noise with “Funky Flame”, one of the theme songs in the film Korso, which just premiered on the 28th of February.

The twins have been actively performing in Finland and abroad for years already as well as preparing to drop their debut album, which will be released later this year. A single is also on its way. On the upcoming album the duo will combine African influences and r&b to their up-to-date hip hop sounds. Their first independent release, Straight Up, sold out all the limited copies in a few days, so they have been on the map for a while, you could say.

Tripple 2s material has also enjoyed radio play in Finland, Estonia, Netherlands and Western Africa. Well known website even picked them up as the hottest newcomer in the scene in July, 2013!


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