Uusi Fantasia is a legendary collective of Finnish electronic music artists and musicians that, according to themselves, involves so many other projects that Uusi Fantasia is a logistic disaster.

That's why VIISKULMAN VIISIKKO is there. They have only released two tracks on infamous DJ CANDLE IN THE WIND-cdr, but you can hear them on recordings of Uusi fantasia. Those extra horns, congas, out-of-tune-synths and weird violins. Track SANDRON KULMA is great example of that autistic funk sound that comes only from VIISKULMAN VIISIKKO!

When VIISKULMAN VIISIKKO play UUSI FANTASIA, they escape traditional genre divisions and open-mindedly experiment with disco, electro, house, folk, rock, pop and jazz making their own, individual sound. In WILDLIFE festival this year, it means more percussions, more dub and more "psychotic" jazz...

It is perfectly clear that Uusi Fantasia make music without any constraints, with their own terms and with whomever they feel like. Which is only great. Their charm isn't restricted inside the borders of Finland: Norwegian Eirik Bøe, known from the pop duo Kings of Convenience, features on Heimo bringing some international flavor in the album that has taken Uusi Fantasia touring across the world.

Their debut cd "Top Ten" (2004) is a modern classic, and Uusi Fantasia's comeback album "Heimo" (2010) was a huge crossover hit with guest artists from Kings of Convenience to PMMP.


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