Hi we're Bandit! We founded the inaugural version of Bandit in a commune in Töölö, Helsinki during a party in the christmas time of 2012.

The extempore gig was the highlight of the party and contained at least songs by Kikka through a megaphone. It was one of those "let's start a band" -moments. The current form of the band formed when the guitarist originally on the lineup missed all practices and decided to move to Thailand instead. So it left the two of us. 

Tia's upstairs neighbour had the tendency to come and ring the doorbell during prime party hours. Finally a written complaint was filed which lead to writing the first song of the band, an apology to the aforementioned upstairs neighbour. Tia founded an IRC-channel and bugged the other members (namely Tuulia) until we finally decided to start practicing. This lead to an actual band when Tuulia was hooked on the idea too. Tia made the lyrics and sang, while Tuulia wrote the songs. Currently we're not too keen on roles anyway.

We bugged this guy who we knew to be an electronic musician living in berlin called Antti Rasi. After a while he got excited and ended up moving back to produce us. Wine was had, songs were made, tracks were shared to friends and everybody wanted more. 

Bandit could do the most beautiful and earth-shattering love song ever but we don't (unless you pay us, we really don't have any principles). There's tons of annoying ballads around anyway. Bandit concentrates on the tragicomical nature of everyday life, the soap opera of actual real life. We really hope the audience sucks in the positive energy and courage to do what they want from our songs. 

And now we practice almost daily and we've made better and better songs enough to fill a record and we continue to make more. We're simple girls and hear the call of bigger stages as much as the upstairs neighbour hopes we go on a world tour, for good. 

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