The irrationals

The irrationals

The Irrationals is a wild bunch of well marinated specialists whose unorthodox caravan brings you a good deal of hip-hop flavored rhythm music moving from kebabrock to rautalanka, from foxtrot to bashing garage sounds with a self-made attitude all easy to dance to.

Started as a hip hop duo by Tyko Haapala and Totte Rautiainen, the band found its final form a couple years ago when the other guys joined in, all highly respected in the Finnish field of jazz, blues, rock and hip-hop.

Released on 7th September 2011, the bands debut album "Hold Your Horses" climbed all the way to the 14th position on the official Finnish album chart and was highly acclaimed among the national music press.

A music video for the second single "My Baby" was shot by Pablo Films. The video is a tribute to all the bass players in the Galaxy and on it you can find 32 bassists from Finland.

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