Kaveri Special

Kaveri Special

Kaveri Special are four guys from Finland who share a love for sunny and funky tropical rhythms. www.kaverispecial.com www.facebook.com/kaverispecial kaverispecial.bandcamp.com

Their eponymous debut album, released in vinyl and online in March 2013, features songs that pay tribute to classic African guitar music from the 70s and 80s, particularly highlife and soukous music. The songs on the album are all written by the band. At live gigs they have also been performing covers by Kenya's Orchestra Super Mazembe and Nigeria's Prince Nico Mbarga. The lyrics of the band's own material are all in Finnish and include such topics as trains, elevators, and dogs. The word ”kaveri” itself means ”friend” in Finnish and the band wishes to become friends with audiences around the globe.

The album was recorded and mixed in autumn 2013 in Helsinki. The band wanted to go for a classic 70s sound filled with warmth and vintage charm. The band was joined by guest musicians, Benin-Finnish Felix Adje and Nigerian-Finnish Ike Chime, who both played percussions while mr. Chime also sang in one of the tunes (Rantakoira).

Kaveri Special was formed in 2012. They rehearse in Lauttasaari, a sunny island of parks and beaches near Helsinki centre. In the winter though, temperature often approaches -20 degrees Celsius and the sun shines for less than six hours. So, playing soukous is a nice way to keep your fingers warm.

Kimmo Kivistö – drums, vocals
Tuomas Palonen – vocals, guitar
Tino Puisto – bass
Jonne Renvall – vocals, guitar

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