The Valkyrians

The Valkyrians

The Valkyrians is currently considered to be Finland´s smartest and most successful Ska-/Rocksteady outfit.

Their musical inspiration stems from 60´s Jamaican music, and from the British 2 Tone releases of the 70´s and 80´s. To all these spices the band adds a spoonful of their own brilliant pop sensibility which results as an extremely positive and energetic dance music. The Valkyrians has conquered a deserved status on the forefront of the Finnish musical scene. As a proof there are several high praised live reviews and all kinds of awards: ”The Most Dancable Act of 2006”, ”Best Song Of 2006” to name just two. The word got around in ska circles and soon they had to take their action to mainland Europe too. Now, a couple of years later they can actually think of Berlin as their second home town.

Their debut album ”High And Mighty” (2006) reached #26 on the national Finnish album chart and got a lot of air play on dozens of radio stations all over Finland. It was also released in Germany, Benelux countries and Spain in 2007.

The second album “The Beat Of Our Street” (2009) mixes chinese taikonauts with eerie theremin sounds, massive rhythms, a in-your-face horn section and brand new self-penned songs. The beats of their new songs do not seem to originate from the dark and nordic coolness of their homeland, but rather some street in Kingston with diffent music clubs, whose doors would open alternately. Relaxed rocksteady beats, danceable ska beats, bubbling organs, warm string and harmony vocals or even some soul can be heard in the street.


Angster - vocals
Mr. Moonhead - keyboards
Gladiator - guitar
Big Deal - drums
Letku Leroy - bass

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